Updated: 28 August 2019

San Miguel Corporation ("SMC", "We", “us” or “our”) respects your privacy and will keep secure and confidential all personal information and sensitive personal information (collectively “Personal Data”) that you may provide to SMC, and/or those that SMC may collect from you, pursuant to Republic Act 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the implementing rules, regulations and issuances of the National Privacy Commission (“Privacy Laws”), as well as to SMC policies.

This Data Privacy Statement (“Statement”) provides for the Personal Data We collect, use, disclose, store and dispose (collectively “processing”), what we do with such Personal Data, its disclosure and sharing, as well as the retention and security measures. Likewise, it provides for the standards We observe in processing Personal Data in relation to your application for employment with SMC as a regular or probationary employee, consultant, project-hire or equivalent employment type (collectively “application for employment”), as well as application for internship or training (“application for internship”) as may be applicable.

Please read this Statement carefully to understand how We treat Personal Data.

SMC reserves the right to update this Statement from time to time to reflect change(s) in the law and/or our internal standards. When We do so, We will notify you through electronic mail, posting in the SMC recruitment portal(s) and/or other official means of communication for your information and reference.

Personal Data We Collect and Process

In connection with your application for employment or internship with SMC, We need to and/or require to process your Personal Data and that of individuals other than yourself that you may provide, including:

  • personal information such as but not limited to name, age, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, gender, marital status, religion, ethnicity, health and disability data, interests, memberships in organizations, languages and dialects, educational background, photographs, and family-related data (such as name, date of birth, age, gender, address, contact numbers, occupation, and medical and health-related data of family members);
  • contact information such as but not limited to residential address, office address, phone numbers, email address, mailing addresses, banking and other financial data, government identification numbers (such as social security number, tax payer ID, Phil Health number, PAG-IBIG number, unified multipurpose ID, professional licenses, driver’s license and similar information);
  • work or education-related information such as but not limited to work experience, trainings and seminars, names, contact details and addresses of former employers or references;
  • other work or business-related information such as position in the Company, and applicable government issued identification numbers; and
  • such other information as We may deem reasonably necessary in relation to your application for employment or internship.

Any additional Personal Data that you may provide through your correspondence(s) with SMC in connection with your application for employment or internship shall also be considered and treated as Personal Data.

What We Do with Personal Data and Collected Data

SMC shall use your Personal Data for the following activities:

  1. to identify you personally;
  2. to comply with human resource requirements, develop and update application for employment and internship policies and programs;
  3. to ensure compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations and investigate and sanction possible breaches thereof;
  4. to facilitate legitimate business transactions and interests of SMC; and
  5. to communicate with you or your family members, and provide information as may be needed in relation to the above uses of Personal Data.

Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Data

We may disclose and share the Personal Data, subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, on a need to know basis, and in all cases only for the purposes stated in this Statement and/or for other legitimate business purposes, as follows:

  1. to our third-party service providers, vendors, suppliers, customers or clients, directors, officers, other employees, shareholders, agents, consultants, advisers; banks and other financial entities, contracting parties or such other business-related third parties in relation to our business transactions (collectively “Other Parties”);
  2. to our subsidiaries and affiliates and their Other Parties;
  3. to government and law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies;
  4. to comply with orders of courts, government agencies, regulatory bodies, stock exchanges and with applicable laws and regulations;
  5. as part of transferred business assets in relation to certain business transactions;
  6. to protect the rights and properties of SMC, its subsidiaries and affiliates and ensure the safety of other employees and third parties.
  7. to conduct investigations of breaches of policies, laws and regulations, enforce appropriate sanctions and pursue legal actions if necessary; and
  8. in such other instances as may be reasonably determined by SMC in order to accomplish the abovementioned purpose and in relation to the above uses of Personal Data.

Retention of Personal Data

SMC shall retain and dispose of your Personal Data for the period and manner defined in the SMC Policy on Records and Retention and/or as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.

Security of Personal Data

We have implemented technical, organizational, and physical measures designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your Personal Data and that of individuals other than yourself, as well as to secure such Personal Data from unauthorized destruction, access, alteration, disclosure, fraudulent use and/or any other unlawful processing, as well as other natural and human dangers.

Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Data

You are entitled to certain rights in relation to the Personal Data, including the right to be informed of the processing of your Personal Data, to object to such processing, to access and correct your Personal Data, to request deletion thereof, and to lodge a complaint to the Office of the Data Protection Officer and/or the Commission in case of violation of your rights as data subject.

You may contact your respective Human Resources Department to request access to, correct and/or delete any Personal Data that you have provided to us. Please be advised, however, that We cannot delete Personal Data which shall restrict or remove our ability to effectively execute transactions related to your application for employment or internship with SMC. We may not accommodate a request to correct and/or delete Personal Data if We believe the same would violate any law or legal requirement or cause the Personal Data to be incorrect.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this Statement, SMC’s use of your Personal Data and the Collected Data, or your rights in relation thereto under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, please do not hesitate to contact the SMC Data Protection Officer at the following: and (+632) 632-3007.